Mystical Legends

Girona, A City of Secrets

Carrie Kirkpatrick follows in the footsteps of author, Patrice Chaplin whose experiences in Girona in the 1950s led her into a mysterious world of secret societies and the Holy Grail. 

Broadcast on Sky via Showcase TV

Mystical Legends 2

Pitch Teaser

In Mystical Legends 2, Carrie Kirkpatrick continues to explore myths that have formed the fabric of our folklore. From fairy tales to ancient prophecies, Carrie reveals the hidden meaning of these legends and how they are relevant to our modern world. 

Oracle TV Pop Up Studios

Oracle TV hosted Pop Up TV Studios at two of the largest Mind, Body, Spirit and Wellbeing festivals in the UK, over a period of four years. We produced numerous interviews with keynote speakers and performances on the live stage as well as a series of videos for Wellbeing Festival TV.