Carrie Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kirkpatrick  is the director of Divine Media Ltd and has worked as a producer and director in factual television, educational television, interactive television, commercials, corporate promotions, music promos and independent television productions. Her television presenting has covered esoteric and spiritual factual programming in the UK and across Europe as well as live interactive television.


Carrie is the creator of 'Mystical Legends' which first aired in 2009 with 'Mystical Legends - Girona, a City of Secrets', focussing on the secret mysteris of Grona and the Holy Grail and which caused international controversy when it was inexpicably banned.


More recently, Carrie has founded Oracle Television, an online spiritual TV channel aimed at the mind. body, spirit industry. Producing and broadcasting inspired programming has always been key to Carrie's approach.


Carrie is also a published author and prolific photographer. Her love of portraiture and sympathetic visual style captures the heart of her subjects. She is a film maker who can shoot, edit and also present, but not necessarily all at the same time!



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